Accelerate your Time To Market using iScope
InSilicon Instrumentaion platform

With the increasing complexity and size of ASIC and SoC designs, Silicon validation became one of the most challenging tasks in most ASIC projects. In addition, technology scaling has brought current manufacturing processes to the sub 100nm region. The behaviour of the IC dsevices and the interconnect systems in nanometer technologies bring new physical effects that, in addition to traditional well known failure modes, open new challenges in IC yields.

The iScope is an InSilicon Instrumentation platform that can be used for testing and debugging both ASIC/FPGA functionalities and manufacturing test patterns. It consists of the SP1000 customizable soft IP-core that is integrated into the designs and extends the functionalities of IEEE 1149.1 JTAG within target design to provide both control and realtime observability of internal states of the target design. A user friendly software interacts with the IEEE1149.1 Test Access Ports (TAP) through a JTAG- USB interface to make the chip’s intenal core accesable from a hostprocessor (PC workstation). The purpose of using the JTAG is to make the entire enviornment re-targetable and independent of the chip’s interfaces or the hardware platform.

Main Features