SP2200 LDPC WiMax

SiliconPro’s SP2200 is a high performance Forward Error Correction (FEC) IP core compatible with the IEEE 802.16e WiMax standards. The SP2200 is LDPC based encoder/decoder that supports all the code rates in the WiMax standard. It can also support the different code lengths, from 576 bits to 2304 bits. The SP2200 can be reconfigured in real time for a wide variety of block sizes, code rates, and number of iterations, which make it suitable for a wide range of channel characteristics.

Main Features

Product Overview

LDPC is a very powerful forward error correction (FEC) technology, based on the concept of belief propagation. It utilizes the modem’s best guess (soft decision) of the received data; calculates the probability of the data bits being correct, given the directly connected bits (in the parity check matrix), then expands the probability calculation to include more data bits over few iterations to reach a final decision. LDPC is well known for its decoding gain power, reaching 1 db from the theoretical Shannon limit. The figure Fig.1 below shows the performance of the SP2200.