Our mission is to provide our customers with silicon solutions that enables them deliver their products to market faster and at lower cost.

Our goal is to be recognized as a leader in providing IC and FPGA solutions achieved through establishing a strong partnership with our customers.

SiliconPro SiliconPro is an ASIC/FPGA Design Solutions company. We architect, design and verify complex FPGA and ASIC devices. We complement our customers design team with our extensive experience in ASIC/FPGA design and key IP components to reduce their cost and time to market.

In the past, companies viewed outsourcing as a way to handle overflow engineering opportunities or to supplement engineering staff due resource hiring limitations. At SiliconPro we enter into a partnership with our customers to deliver ASIC products to market. We extend the outsourcing relationship to a long term mutual commitment with many individual designs engagements which allows our customers to leverage their investment in the trusted relationship.

Whether an ASIC or FPGA design, SiliconPro can complement a customer's design team with expertise in key areas of expertise, for example:

  • PreSilicon/InSilicon Verification
  • ASIC Emulation and prototyping
  • Yield Analysis and ATPG debugging
  • Low power clocking strategies in deep submicron technologies.
  • Design For Debug (DFD)

In addition, SiliconPro offers a number of ASIC IP components and products which can significantly reduce costs, and accelerate time to market, to:

  • Forward Error Correction (FEC IP's)
  • Fast Fourier Transform ( FFT IP's)
  • In Silicon Instrumentation (iScope)